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Mainland company formation

UAE, particularly Dubai, is one of the top five places to live today. Its infrastructure and safety measures are beyond comparison. UAE is recognized worldwide and is one of the hottest places to set up a home, travel, open a business, for Education purposes, or simply work. Its architectural marvels, entertainment, or work policies supersedes any other.

At Aarrves we value what this country has to offer and the potential of growth in this land. We help you set up your company on the Mainland in just a few easy steps! Yes, that is all it takes! We will get you your residency through a fast and easy process.



We offer a wide range of packages to suit your individual needs. Setting up an offshore account has never been easier. There are many benefits of setting up a company on the mainland a few benefits would be :

  • You can take as many visas, no limit
  • There are different business activities available for licensing
  • You can do business anywhere in UAE
  • You can also open an office anywhere in the Emirate
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