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Living in Dubai

Dubai is one of the leading global cities and biggest business and tourism hubs. Known as the city of hundreds of modern skyscrapers, premium facilities and high standards of living, its world-class architecture, high returns and free trade zones with the tax-free policy attract thousands of investors and tourists every year.

Dubai is a fast-growing city and expats are about 85% of the whole city’s population. Many expats choose this city to build and develop their career, to increase earnings and improve the quality of life. Dubai has so much to offer when it comes to business and property investment.

Invest/Buy Apartments in Dubai, UAE

The real estate market in Dubai offers many different options from reasonably priced studio apartments to exclusive lofts, penthouses and full-floor apartments with top-notch amenities and breathtaking views! Dubai has tasteful options for all types of personalities and budget too!

Foreigners can buy apartments in special designated areas – freehold areas. Buying property in a freehold area, the foreigner will get 100% ownership of the property and the land it sits on.

Foreigners can also consider apartments in leasehold areas. In this case, the foreigner owns the property for 10 to 99 years. Once the lease term expires, the property is reversed back to the freeholder (a GCC or UAE national landlord).

Apartments in Dubai are usually sold as commonhold properties meaning multiple investors own flats in a building and each investor pay fees for maintaining common areas in the building. As a rule, the owner of the building and the developer collects these fees.

Why invest in Dubai? The city is known for its higher rental yields than other mature real estate markets. On average, dependent on the type of apartment and the neighborhood, an investor can achieve gross rental yields between 5% and 9%. Dubai is an affordable location to own prime real estate since the property prices per square foot are lower than many other cities globally.

Our Real Estate Expertise

Are you looking for an apartment to buy in Dubai? Our highly experienced Real Estate Experts will help you find your perfect residence per your requirements and needs. Our Real Estate agency in Dubai provides a comprehensive set of top-quality real estate services including paperwork and mortgage assistance. We will make sure that your property deal is legally correct and transparent too.

View the hottest offers today and get in touch with us for more details.

Invest/Buy a Penthouse in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is the leading tourist attraction globally due to its strong economy, developed resorts and warm climate year round. Let’s not forget the amazing views and architecture too!

Luxury penthouses in Dubai offer a lavish and comfortable life. Dubai penthouses internal organization is different than a house or an apartment. With the large rooms, spacious terraces and balconies, and beautiful sea view, you’ll feel on top of the world living among the clouds and stars.

Penthouses in Dubai not only have the best views, they have the most comfortable living conditions. Living at the top of a multi-story residential building, your peace of mind is protected and it is unlikely you’ll hear the street noise.

Penthouses are sold ready-made and fully equipped. It has everything you need to live a comfortable life – a furnished kitchen with household appliances, bedrooms with built-in spacious wardrobes, a living room or family rooms with a lot of natural sunlight and air due to large windows and open planning.

Why Buy a Penthouse in Dubai?

From an economic point of view, buying a penthouse in Dubai is a smart move and an excellent investment. Penthouses in the UAE, especially in Dubai is in high demand in the housing market. When people visit Dubai on business they prefer a penthouse for its luxury. People who visit Dubai for a vacation tend to settle here and many locals also prefer to live in high-rise residences.

If you decide to buy a penthouse in Dubai for investment, you will make a profit and a quick payback in a short amount of time.

Our Real Estate Expertise

Our Real Estate agency in Dubai has extensive experience in the UAE housing market and large database of ready-made properties. We will help you find the best real estate options from the best developers in the best areas of Dubai.

Villas/Houses in Dubai, UAE

Make your dream come true by buying a villa/home in Dubai! Dubai is a beautiful place to live with its immaculate beaches, picturesque landscapes, dunes, and the luxury of a modern metropolitan with accessible infrastructure and limitless possibilities for leisure and entertainment.

Villas and houses are popular real estate in Dubai. More than 6,000 villas are sold here, each of which is individual in its design embodiment, location and size. There are options for all tastes: from projects in a sophisticated style with an emphasis on minimalism to luxurious villas with expensive décor and a large area. The price of a house in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) may vary depending on the area, the size of the property and its individual characteristics.

Dubai has housing for everyone’s taste.

People who prefer the beauty of the Persian Gulf, beautiful villas by the sea on the Palm Jumeirah Islands is home to some of the most stunning villas as well as the best hotels in the UAE.

People who prefer a quiet place for a relaxing holiday with the entire family, the Mudon area has beautiful, gated Arab houses located close to key recreational areas.

Invest/Buy Villas/Homes in Dubai, UAE

Economically, a villa/house in Dubai is a profitable investment due the city’s dynamic real estate market especially along the seashore. The consistent demand for housing provides any investor/buyer guaranteed income with the prospect of a quick payback. New investors should pay close attention to real estate located in Freehold Zones.

Our Real Estate Expertise

Our Real Estate agency in Dubai offers you with a large database of properties for your budget and your requirements. We provide top quality and qualified assistance in buying and renting villas, houses, penthouses and apartments too. Our agency provides comprehensive support for sale and purchase transactions and lease of houses in Dubai.

Invest/Buy Townhomes in Dubai, UAE

Townhomes in Dubai are valuable real estate locally and internationally, too. The combination of luxury, comfort and location in respectable areas of the city attracts tourists and businessmen globally.

Buying a townhome in Dubai by the sea is a dream of a luxurious life and a highly profitable investment with a quick payback through resale or rent.

A townhome is a scaled-down version of a villa or a typical detached house with multiple floors and often shares walls to another similar unit next door. The most remarkable examples of townhomes in Dubai are presented in Palm Jumeirah, Mohammed Bin Rashid City, Damac Hills and The Valley. They are well suited for families with children, young couples and people who strive for peace. There’s a townhome for everyone’s desire.

The sizes of townhomes in Dubai range from cozy studios with up to four spacious bedrooms. Many of them have additional rooms for storage or accommodating service personnel. Elite townhouses in Dubai can be located in open spaces on the seashore or in a gated complex.

Profitability – Townhome in Dubai, UAE

Investing in a townhome in Dubai is smart opportunity. Due to the popularity of Arab real estate internationally you are guaranteed to receive income from resale or rent. As an investor, you can always live and enjoy all of the comforts in Dubai.

Our Real Estate Expertise

Looking for a reliable real estate agency in Dubai? Ax Capital is a reliable assistant and reliable advisor on the way to realize your dreams. Here you will receive a detailed answer to all your questions related to renting and buying real estate in the United Arab Emirates, as well as enlist the support of leading specialists with many years of experience in this field.

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