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Foreign Bank set up

The idea of relocating brings with it an array of dreams. Moving to a new place could be both exciting as well as exhausting. Entering unknown waters can raise questions regarding investments, and securities as well as choosing the perfect location for setting up your home and office. A lot of factors need to be considered like proximity to work, friendly neighborhood, cost efficiency, etc. This could take up months of your time, and you may still not have the perfect fit. We step in here, An Agency that makes all your dreams of relocating come true. With our expertise and a humongous folio of property options, we not only help you in getting your residency and citizenship by investment we also guide you with buying and selling properties.

Our team of professionals will guide you and walk the path with you in obtaining your residency/ 2 nd citizenship and investing in Countries like UAE, UK, USA, and Canada.

At Aarrves our special business consultants help you in the process of opening an account abroad, our step-by-step assistance makes it very easy to help you set up your foreign bank account. This is applicable for Individuals and companies. The formalities for opening an account may differ from bank to bank, however as mentioned Aarrves has made it very easy to open an account and essentially two documents required are your passport and proof of residency.

Our experts reveal UAE is currently one of the hottest destinations for investment purposes. Be it an Individual , HNI, or a big business house, they have a plethora for services to choose from. To top it all, the banks are extremely reasonable and offer a wide variety of benefits.

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